Shipping Info

Shipping Policy: Our priority is to package fish for a successful shipment. Once you have placed your order we will review and begin to prepare the fish. Starting with purging the fish 1-3 days before shipping to make sure shipment is a success. Shipping date will be discussed with customer via email and or phone. Shipping price may vary for heavier boxes/larger boxes. In that occurrence, there will be an additional shipping fee. Live Plants and Dry goods will have an additional customized shipping rate. Delays may occur due to extreme weather.

Shipping Method: We ship with UPS. Overnight- Fish Only. 2 Day Shipping- Live Plants. UPS Ground- Dry Goods. Please allow 1-2 business days to process your order. Orders are delivered the following business day. As it stands, we only ship within the US, we do not ship internationally.

Legal: Please be aware of any illegal fish in your state. We will have to cancel any orders that do not comply with state regulations. Below is a list of illegal fish in each state. Axolotl: California, Maine, New Jersey, Virginia, and District of Columbia. Stingray: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah.

Live Arrival Guarantee: The packaging process is very important to us. We take many precautions to assure DOA never occurs. Make sure your tank is established before purchasing fish. All levels of ammonia, nitrates, nitrites and PH must be stabilized for a healthy tank.

Quality of Fish: All of our fish go through our quarantine process. Wild caught fish get treated for internal/external parasites and/or other medications if needed. To ensure optimal health of the fish, some fish may be on hold for up to 7 days if needed.

Refund Policy: Any DOA within our requirements can be refunded/replaced. Additionally, shipping will have to be satisfied for any replacements. We do not offer refunds on shipping. However, shipping may be reimbursed by contacting shipping company. REQUIREMENTS- Multiple pictures of dead fish in unopened bag and fish out of bag, as well as, if any, damage on the box. Must be sent within 2 hours after receiving package. Please contact us as soon as possible.


What can I do if my fish arrived dead?

Check our Return Policy and contact us as soon as possible with requirements listed.

How can I track my order?

We will send a tracking number along with the confirmation email. This will include all shipping details.

What is purging?

Purging is when fish is not fed 1-3 days prior to shipping to ensure clean water during shipping.

Do We Accept Returns?

Please read our Return Policy.